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Month: September 2017

The power of rudraksha

Rudraksha, the most powerful and awesome bead ever. This bead can help you achieve all you want – a healthy mind, body and soul, a wealthy life that many dream of and only some achieve, and a happy you making you the target of many a envy. Acquiring an authentic Rudraksha is a challenge in itself. But the hunt doesn’t stop there. If the bead has not been purified, sanctified and energized, it is as useful as a button on your shirt!!! Rudraksha meaning—the eye of Rudra [Shiva] is considered to be the most potent manifestation of the Cosmic Force. Hence Rudraksha is the object of veneration and also the source to reach the higher self. Rudraksha is often believed to symbolize the link between the earth and the heaven. IMPORTANCE OF RUDRAKSHA Though mired in obscurity so far, the Rudraksha is slowly but surely making its way into the lives of the health conscious human beings. Whether it proves to be a panacea remains to be seen. According to a researcher “I have found that Rudraksha helps relieving from blood pressure and lessening stress. Soak it in a glass of water overnight and drink it the next day to relieve stomach disorders. Dip it in any vegetable oil for 21 days, and apply it on your aching joints and feel the relief you get. Ancient medical texts claim...

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My Activities with an Irish Banshee

Oh the Banshee, I could generate a guide on her or it or no matter what it is. Expanding up in Ireland, all young children had been petrified and if the reality be explained to a very small little bit attracted to the Banshee. It is stated that she is a harbinger of doom, if her awful wails are read, anyone in the household will die within just the 7 days, if she herself is found the watcher them selves will die within just the 7 days. A horrifying prospect, usually as a wee boy I read the awful screeching in the center of the evening, followed by a horrific rattling on the slates. Was the horrible wench on the roof? In the sober morning, I would be reassured by my fellow breakfasters that it was nothing at all additional than cats screeching, but, I would counter, the seem I read was not a cat, I understood what a cat sounded like and it did not seem like this. Cats! They would growth. Merely cats owning intercourse! And that was intended to settle me. Of program, it did not, nights would drag on with the floozy screeching her lament, I was torn with the dreadful urge to peek out the window at her but understanding the legend, I dared not do so. The point is although, no person ever...

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A correct disciple of Christ – In memory of Napoleon Saverias

From time to time we believe that to be a disciple of Christ, we need to have to go to church solutions routinely! But is God seriously impressed by the escalating selection of people who fill a number of mega church buildings? A correct disciple of Christ need to check out to stay out Jesus’ teachings in a way that blesses some others and presents them a likelihood to adhere to Jesus them selves. A correct disciple of Christ is a man or woman who has no egocentric ambitions and life in simplicity. A correct disciple of Christ is a humble servant who does the will of God and shares his/her sources to enable some others. In John thirteen:34-35 Jesus claims, “A new command I give you: Enjoy a single another. As I have liked you, so you ought to like a single another. By this all adult men will know that you are my disciples, if you like a single another.” A correct disciple need to like God and like some others. In my view, my uncle Napoleon Saverias was a perfect illustration of a correct disciple of Christ. Napoleon Saverias was born on 17 February 1948. He was the 6th boy or girl of seven children to Antoine Saverais and Mary Saverias. His father passed absent when he was nevertheless a pretty young boy. As a young...

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